HPB 2006 Information
Kathrin Biffi (Switzerland) Marian Bijlenga (the Netherlands) Valerie Buess (Germany) Beate Dyck (Germany) Carol Farrow (England) Toshihiro Hattori (Japan) Martine Horstman (the Netherlands) Michael Felix Langer (Germany) Chunghie Lee (Korea) Couzijn van Leeuwen (the Netherlands)
Alexander Lidagowski (Ukraine) Vibeke Lindhardt (Denmark) Shula Litan (Israel) Steve Litsios (Switzerland) Roberto Mannino (Italy) Ruth Moro (Switzerland) Jacqueline Santing (the Netherlands) Bunny Soeters (the Netherlands) Fusako Tsuzuki (Japan) Jan Eric Visser (the Netherlands)

Beate Dyck

Since the autumn of 1996 Beate Dyck works with books. Her inhibitions to treat books rather roughly have now disappeared. Law books, hymnals and missals and dictionaries are extremely suitable for her work. The quality of their paper is very fine and they are large enough for her purpose. Book paper is in her view a fascinating material full of varieties and possibilities. Beate Dyck loves transforming these often unread and dust-covered books into objects of value. After years of variations on the theme of book sculpture, she has now switched to working with paper – usually also from books - on a canvas. This creates works with themes like skin, hair, protection, casing and injury. Organic shapes and the inexhaustible language of natural shapes are her inspiration.

Wortriff (2003). Material: Lexicon der Deutsche Sprache.
(photo: Hannelore Förster)