HPB 2006 Information
Kathrin Biffi (Switzerland) Marian Bijlenga (the Netherlands) Valerie Buess (Germany) Beate Dyck (Germany) Carol Farrow (England) Toshihiro Hattori (Japan) Martine Horstman (the Netherlands) Michael Felix Langer (Germany) Chunghie Lee (Korea) Couzijn van Leeuwen (the Netherlands)
Alexander Lidagowski (Ukraine) Vibeke Lindhardt (Denmark) Shula Litan (Israel) Steve Litsios (Switzerland) Roberto Mannino (Italy) Ruth Moro (Switzerland) Jacqueline Santing (the Netherlands) Bunny Soeters (the Netherlands) Fusako Tsuzuki (Japan) Jan Eric Visser (the Netherlands)

Bunny Soeters

Paper is a wonderful material according to Bunny Soeters. High-quality paper increases the value of a drawing and is nice to work with. Indian ink will for example bleed beautifully on good paper. Besides drawings Soeters makes papier-mâché statues. The daily newspaper is excellently suitable for making pulp. Newspaper snippets, soaked in water, boiled and then crushed with a hand mixer, finally mixed with wallpaper paste, become a sort of clay that can easily be shaped. The papier-mâché model is covered with a skin of for instance wrappers or tangerines. When the statue is painted, the images on the wrapper are allowed to shine through, showing that it is paper.

No title (2003). Material: papier-mâché.
(photo: Rob Mostert)