Lucia Barata

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After her move to Rome in 1991, paper assumed a special dimension in her life. It was vital for her to create a new ‘Mother Earth’. In 1997, a series called ‘Big Mama’ finally saw the light of day. It is a collection of eight prototypes of the human form. Next she created the work ‘Language’. This is the name of a series composed of twenty-four symbols in bas-relief on separate panels of handmade paper in different colours. ‘Language’ is the ‘Big Mamas’ alphabet. As a natural progression of this work, she combined sculpture with symbols, the ‘Big Mama’s Book’. In 2001 the work ‘Aura’ was born, a flexible paper sculpture, which was the fruit of a (re)searching within herself on a broader plane to find the ‘male polarity’ that would give her an inner balance. --website